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Compromised, Dry Skin to Thriving Skin: Winter Edition

Dropping some knowledge and skincare tips for thriving skin during the cold winter months.

Just as the temperatures change, our skincare routine must follow suit.

Tweaking your skin care routine will ensure you are maintaining a healthy skin barrier during the cold, dry winter months.

Now, when someone tells me to do something I am the type of person that has to fully understand the "why".

Read along, as I explain WHY making changes to your routine will save you the discomfort of a compromised barrier.

First, let's discuss what the skins barrier function is. Our integumentary system, also known as skin, has six general functions. One of these functions is protection; here is where we will focus for this topic. Our skin has a complex system in place that is designed to protect our "internal world" from anything that poses a threat in the "external world", such as harmful microorganisms, pathogens, toxins, etc. The way our barrier function is able to execute this job is by a hydrolipidic layer called the acid mantle. Our acid mantle is made up of sebum (oil), lipids (fatty acids), sweat, and water; these components protect the skin from drying out and are in place as a layer of protection.

Our skin relies heavily on a well maintained acid mantle.

When your acid mantle or skins barrier function is not performing at its best, there will be signs.

You will start to notice drier skin, flakiness, tightness, fine lines and wrinkles, and more reactive skin. Skin will become more sensitized and irritated. All of this will be noticed at the skin surface and in the deeper layers there will be an increase of inflammatory cells. And the domino effect will continue, until it is addressed.

Taking our attention now to the external factor of the changing seasons.

In the colder months, the temperature in our environment drops, causing the humidity levels to become low which leads to dry air outside. For comfort, we adjust the thermostats indoors which makes the air in our homes, offices, etc., dry as well. Notice a pattern? Dry air inside & dry air outside. When the air in our environment is dry it will pull moisture from the outermost layer of our skin. Then we unknowingly add insult to injury by doing things like washing our face with hot water, not drinking enough water and so on. These concoctions can wreck havoc on your acid mantle depleting it of the necessary components to do its function of protection.

Here are some tips to be proactive at keeping that gorgeous skin of yours working so beautifully for you!

  • Add a humidifier to your living spaces, such as your bedroom. A humidifier will add moisture back into the air.

  • Add in a creamy cleanser to your routine. This can be your first cleanse at night and your primary cleanse in the morning. My go-to creamy cleanser is GlyMed Plus Mega Cream Cleanser!

  • Drink plenty water. Hydration is key! You can even add in more foods with a high water content, if your diet allows.

  • Only use lukewarm water when washing your face. NEVER use hot, no matter the season.

  • If your skins barrier is healthy and can tolerate it, you want to exfoliate more often and follow with nourishing and hydrating ingredients. My favorite exfoliating product is GlyMedPlus Hydrating Masque with Enzymes. This product will gently exfoliate your skin while boosting hydration. It's a favorite for me in my treatment room and for personal use.

  • If you take a hot steamy shower or bath, treat yo' self!! I recommend you wash your face before getting into the bath or shower then put on a nourishing, deeply hydrating masque to take advantage of that steamy goodness. My favorite hydrating masque is GlyMed Plus CBD Hydrotherapy Masque with Micro-Silver! This masque will hydrate, plump your skin and reduce inflammation. You can even use the Glymed Plus Hydrating Masque mentioned above on nights you need to exfoliate. You know that saying kill two birds with one stone; the steam from the shower or bath will activate the enzyme to penetrate nicely into the skin.

  • Switch out your moisturizer for a heavier one. Doesn't have to feel heavy, just has to be more nourishing and hydrating. Be sure it is suitable for your skin type, My favorite moisturizer, and it's suitable for all skin types is GlyMed Plus Comfort Cream. It is soothing, calming, hydrating, and reduces inflammation.

  • Slugging! This is when at the end of your night time skin care routine, you use a product that will form an occlusive barrier to lock in moisture and prevent trans-epidermal water loss. My absolute favorite product for slugging is GlyMed Plus Cell Protection Balm. Not only is this product going to lock in the moisture and prevent water loss, it's going to repair the skin barrier, reduce inflammation, promote cell renewal and collagen synthesis.

  • Using a hydrating mist to add in moisture and calm your skin throughout the day is great tool, to ensure you are maintaining moisture in your skin, My clients love GlyMed Plus CBD Skin Mist. It's a great refresher for your skin, can be sprayed over makeup, balances the skin, reduces the appearance of redness and improves overall skin tone.

  • Lastly, get under the care of a licensed esthetician. Even if you can't see one regularly, at least invest in a consultation where product suggestions can be given to you that will meet your skins needs. It takes the guess work out of your skin health and will save you from wasting time and money on skincare products you just aren't sure about. Find one who will make it her/his mission to ensure your skin remains in tip top shape.

These tips should be helpful to anyone. The products suggested are great to repair damaged skin and replenish moisture back into dry or dehydrated skin. I always think a proactive approach trumps waiting until you notice the signs and experience the discomfort.

To shop the products I have suggested on this blog post: click here

For a customized skincare regimen suited to your skincare goals and needs, I invite you to schedule an in-office treatment or a virtual consultation.

The best skincare for healthy, thriving skin. No more dry skin this winter.

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