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Brazilian this for me?!

We've all been there... a first timer!!

The anxiety, the questions & uncertainty all building up to the very first ever brazilian wax session.

What is a Brazilian wax?

Brazilian wax is a method of removing unwanted pubic and anal hair from the root of the hair follicle, leaving a smooth hairless finish.

What type of wax is used?

At Total Body Niche, we prefer using hard wax for this sensitive areas hair removal. We pride ourselves in using high quality, Mermaid Wax. Hard wax is preferred for Brazilian waxing because it adheres only to the hair not the actual skin, which can be less irritating to the treatment area.

I can recall the very first time I pulled the trigger and booked my first ever brazilian wax. The nerves!! I had an extra reason to be nervous as I was 8 months pregnant and no longer able to reach, much less see what I was doing with the razor. I was not willing to lead that razor off of pure "feeling."

Here are some of the things I was nervous about & responses I can now give as a professional waxologist. (I hope this helps puts things into perspective for my fellow over-thinkers!)

  1. The thought of having a complete stranger all in my personal space (front & back), with the lights on, had me a little embarrased.

- I can tell you what you look like in your private area does not matter. We've literally seen it all, off all ages, sizes & colors. As a waxologist, our main concern is performing the service to the best of our, proficiency, your comfort, and a job well done.

2. Is it going to hurt?

-We are pulling the hair from the root, discomfort or pain is to be expected depending on your pain tolerance threshold. There are some things you can do to prepare for your session that will ease that discomfort. (Keep reading or skip to "Preparation")

3. Will my hair grow back thicker?

-Nope! On the contrary, overtime your hair will start to grow back thinner and more sparse. This is why as a waxologist we will reiterate the importance of consistency & refraining from any urge to shave new hair growth following a wax.

4. Does waxing cause or worsen ingrown hair?

-With waxing or shaving you should be exfoliating your skin to prevent dead skin build-up that can trap new hair growth and harmful bacteria under the skin.

It is important to keep in mind, like all things, preparation and after care are key to a successful Brazilian wax:


-Your hair should be 1/4 inch long for best results. For most, you should allow 2 to 2.5 weeks from your last shave by the time you come in for your wax appointment.

-Exfoliate the day before your wax session, this will remove dead skin build-up and prepare your skin for hair removal.

-Take an ibuprofen 30-45 minutes before your session, this will help with inflammation and reduce pain.

-Discuss any medications or treatments you may have recently had or are taking with your waxologist, this will be crucial to preventing any possible lifting of the skin with the pull of the wax strip.

-Drink plenty water before your session this will internally help keep the area supple and hydrated. Hydration is key to many bodily functions and acts as a natural anti-histamine.

-Share with your waxologist how nervous you are...she can share some helpful ways to ease your nerves, such as breathing techniques.

-Waxing during or right before your menstrual cycle can cause sensitivity in the area, which can increase pain. Book your session a week before or after.

Here is a little motivation to get you through your first wax session and encouragement to stay consistent, as it does get easier with every session.

(Consistent with her wax sessions, 5 week hair re-growth)

Aftercare for 24-48 hours post wax:

-Keep unclean hands away from freshly waxed skin

-Refrain from swimming, soaking, exercise and saunas - as this lead to unhealthy bacteria in the are causing irritation.

-If possible, avoid having sex in this time frame

-No tanning of any form

-Wear cotton panties and loose fitting clothes

-Refrain from using products with fragrances

If you are dealing with ingrown hair or any other skin issues in your genital area that you would like to have corrected I always encourage you to discuss this with your waxologist.

At Total Body Niche, we offer services that can help address skin concerns, such as products to use at home and vagacial treatments. A vagacial is a similar to a facial but for your vaginal area. This treatment is suggested to be scheduled one week after your brazilian wax.

With everything I have shared I have confidence you can now go forth and brave your first-ever Brazilian wax!

I'm certain you will be ecstatic to live a life free of razor bumps, next day hair stubble, and overtime thinner and sparse hair re-growth!



Total Body Niche, LLC


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